"“It’s so much cheaper to buy spices at the bulk food store. You get the savings even when you buy the smallest amounts. It’s also one of the few places I can get my favorite jelly – seedless black raspberry!” "

- Mike V.
"“Even though we’re empty-nesters, my wife and I love to shop at the bulk food store! My favorites are smoked cheese, chocolate-covered nuts, and the snack mixes. She loves the spices, pastas, dried cherries, and jams. Best of all, the prices can’t be beat!""

- Mansfield
"“I’m on a restrictive diet, so I need to read labels and avoid certain additives, particularly sugars. Buying in bulk assures me I’m getting whole foods, and at a better price than the grocery store. I also avoid wheat, so I make my own muffins using a variety of other flours from the bulk food store, all at better prices than other stores.” "

- Kathy V.
"“I enjoy granola for breakfast, and like to jazz it up with raw coconut flakes, ground flax seeds and blueberries. This way I get a designer cereal at a much lower cost!” "

- D.B.
"Clean, friendly help, great stock of merchandise! Everything is right about this store! I am so glad that it is here in Mansfield -- something that has been needed for a long time!!


- Beverly B.
"We visited Pumpkin Seed for the first time and loved the store! You have a great variety of products, and we will be making many visits! Hope you do well and will be here forever!!"

- Toni S.
"I have been coming to your store for a few months now, and I love it! I am in almost every week. I am on a gluten-free diet, and I have found many things that I have not seen in other stores. I am also amazed at your selection of spices. I have been pleased with everything that I have purchased at your store, and I will continue to come back! Thank you!"

- Jen B.
"My family loves coming to Pumpkin Seed. We each have our personal favorites. I would say mine is the homemade peanut butter and the granola bars. I would say my fiance's favorite is the assortment of spices. The kids love the candy, of course!"

- Jen K.
"Recently I discovered I am gluten intolerant. Your cashier has a daughter who also has gluten issues. It was so comforting to speak with someone who was really knowledgeable. And you have a very nice selection of gluten-free products. I'll be back!"

- AS from Ashland
"We absolutely LOVE this store. It is so clean and neat with a great variety of products. I love being able to see some new Donna Sharp bags, too! It is wonderful to have a store of this caliber right here in town! In these days when every penny counts and gas is expensive, we have elected to spend our dollars close to home."

- Peggy L.
"I received your Holiday Soup Mix (dried bean mixture) as a gift. The recipe on the bag is good. However, I found that I like the flavor of a smoked turkey leg instead of the ham hock. I also add whatever fresh veggies I have on hand (carrot, celery, etc.). It makes a hearty soup for cold weather. "

- Kathy V.
"I love your store! Here are the reasons that I drive all the way across town to shop at your store. (1) You are a God-honoring establishment, and you serve the same God that I do. (2) You are a true "local" business, and I want to spend my money helping our community. (3) I can buy healthier things that I would not find at the grocery store. (4) I cook most things from scratch, and your store carries the things I need to cook for old-fashioned way. (5) Buying bulk is cheaper. (6) Organic! (7) Fresh Milk! My body rejects most milk, but I can once again enjoy a bowl of cereal with the fresh farmer's milk you carry. (8) Clean and inviting store. (9) Friendly staff. (10) Your items are unique from huge commercial grocery stores. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to another great year!"

- Jean McK.

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